I attended my second Women Who Code meetup last night. This month’s meetup was a ‘Javascript Study Group.’ I’ve been meaning to work on learning Javascript for a long time, but there is still so much to learn about Ruby and Rails.

The study group was very informal; we were given some resources and expected to work on our own. I decided to work on the free Codeacademy Javascript course. The course is really easy. I think I need to find a course meant for programmers who want to learn Javascript instead of a course for programming beginners, but it’s a good starting point. Code School has a Javascript course too. I might work on that one next. Of course I also want to go through the HTML/CSS tracks on both sites as well. I need to devote some time to learning more about front end development.

For now, I plan to continue working through the Codeacademy course and start the “How to Learn Javascript Properly” study group on Reddit which happens to be starting this week. I have a few app ideas that require Javascript knowledge, so I hope I learn a lot!

Quite a few more people attended this meetup compared to the December meeting, and I met some lady developers who seem really cool and knowledgeable. I hope to see them again soon because it’s really nice to talk to people from different backgrounds.


15 January 2014


Women Who Code