Challenge Champion

My project with Kylie Stradley for the Atlanta Rails Girls Silly Hacks Only event.

The user logs in with Twitter and is assigned an inanimate ‘champion’ at account creation
and can use it to challege other champions to contests. For example, your taco may challege
a couch to a contest, then find out you won or lost a cat herding contest. Challenge your
Twitter friends!


Ruby on Rails Twitter OAuth Pair Programming


(Coming Soon!)

A hackathon project with Thomas Holmes and Kylie Stradley for the Atlanta National Day of
Civic Hacking
event. The hackathon was organized by Code for Atlanta and TAG.

Our challenge was to build an updated and redesigned ordering and reporting app for the
Atlanta Food Bank.


Ruby on Rails Ruby Hackathon Code for Atlanta

Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample App

Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial updated for Rails 4.

Password: foobar


Ruby on Rails Rspec

Personal Portfolio

My personal portfolio - You are looking at it now!

I wanted to find out more about Jekyll, so I used it to make my personal portfolio and blog.


Jekyll Markdown Github Pages